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Study and Training Activities

Corte Bracco dei Germani.organizes events and training projects since 1990, involved in research and study activities aimed at the rediscovery and the promotion of the flavours and products of the region.

Particular attention is always paid to the search for new products and organic foodstuffs at 0 km and to the study of dishes for specific dietary requirements, such as intolerances.

Corte Bracco dei Germani promotes the culture of Mediterranean traditions, and is a standard bearer at both the national and international level. It organizes training courses and takes part in specialised happenings and official events.

The regional cuisine of Puglia was the topic of one course for teachers and students from the Art Institute of Houston – Texas, the American school for Chefs.

Representatives of Oldways Preservation and Exchange Trust, the great American association which promotes Mediterranean cuisine around the world attended another course with a delegation of eighty journalists from ABC and writers of books in the field.

Oldways Italy was launched at Corte Bracco dei Germani in 1999.

CBG also collaborates with prestigious cooking publications. CBG has been invited by the magazine “Italian Cuisine - American Edition” to propose a report on the Primitivo wine of Puglia. On the occasion of national oranges day, an annual appointment to promote the importance of the Mediterranean diet for the prevention of tumours, sponsored by the Italian Association for Cancer Research, the chef of CBG realized a main dish using citruses and blue fish from Puglia. Bucatini with Anchovy, Toasted Bread Crumb, Chilli and Orange.

CBG staff were invited to participate as teachers on the I.F.T.S. Course “Advanced Technical Institute for the attendance and management of reception centres”, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, University and Research in 2005/2006.

The business activities also include the production of organic extra-virgin olive oil, the Sbisà oil, from the olive-grove of the same name that surrounds the complex, already present on the tables of experts in the USA, Japan, Germany and England. CBG joined the projects “Roads of oil” and “Roads of wine” as a supporter of the flavours of the land of Puglia and sponsors international symposia on the Mediterranean diet including the well known one in London in the year 2000.

There are frequent training courses for the kitchen and waiting staff, with attendance of specialized courses, training days, specialist fairs and national competitions promoted by the Italian Federation of Chefs. In addition there is continuous renewal of the kitchen equipment for use in innovative techniques of baking necessary to preserve food in its original unchanged taste.

Training and experimentation proceed together, starting from the discovery of the local in an international context.

Famous chefs such as Gianfranco Vissani and Igles Corelli are friends of CBG.

With them CBG has organized study events for charity.

Recently Corte Bracco in collaboration with Unioncamere di Puglia, the Chambers of Commerce of Bari, Brindisi and Foggia and Cucina Mancina, contributed to realize the project 'Promotion of the excellence of the Mediterranean diet in Puglia'. The recipes by the Chef of CBG were published in the book ‘La Puglia che mangia differente’ in 2014.

Recent is the collaboration of CBG with the company Core Salento for the realization of some first courses recipes, now online,. The chefs of CBG have realized, among other things, a sweet made with pasta for the company of typical products of Salento,. Cocoa Conchiglioni Filled with Sweet Ricotta, Lemon and Cinnamon on Candy Orange Sauce.

Corte Bracco dei Germani founds the natural cooking school PerCorsi di Cucina e Alimentazione Naturale - Apulian Natural Cookery School in 2015 . Moreover, in collaboration with ARTOI Research Association for Integrated Oncologic therapies, CBG devotes dedicated sessions of the school to the nutrition of cancer patients.

For information see Cooking School

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